The Savings Are Amazing!


I was willing to sell my home for less, until I found out about the American Dream Program and REFS from my REALTOR®.

Thanks to this TEAM, I was able to save money on materials, take advantage of Licensed, Insured and Bonded trades at labor rates only, saving the upcharge on materials, and end up with more money in my pocket on the sale of my property.

Ask American Dream about how their program can work for you if you are listing your home and buying another home, or if you are looking for a home to buy, it is definetly worth your time if saving money is of interest to you.



Pebbles Allen

What made us a believer in the American Dream Programs, saving 50% off paint at Sherwin Williams, which put more than $500 back in my wallet.  Then my wife and I were looking for a 23 cu. ft. stainless steel upright freezer for our garage.  So we sent this to American Dream in an email:

We are looking at purchasing this, any suggestions?

They replied:

Would this interest you?

    We said YES!    

On this one purchase, we saved $2,191.31 over the lowest priced unit we could find, which was a single door unit. Seeing how this works, I give this as a gift on every Real Estate Transaction I complete.

Jeff Hemm

My wife and I were out for dinner with a friend and in our conversation she told us about American Dream Programs, which saves money with this companies material discounts.  And, she also told me as a Veteran I should get a Veteran Renovation Loan where we could buy the materials ourselves which saves the 30% upcharge contractors charge. And, on top of that get the American Dream material discounts. We looked into this, and compared all of the various vendors and their discounts, and after the dust literally settled, we saved conservatively 35% on estmiate costs for doing a remodel for a comprehensive large master bathroom remodel, dealing with a post tension slab too, that can cost upwards of $50,000. We were more then pleased with our $23,000 price tag!

Savings - yes, B I G SAVINGS!

Chuck and Cheri Byers

I could not wait!!!

We got a bid to put in "JUST" a Walk-In-Tub for $9,990. We got an entire bathroom for $5,540 - and the same Walk-In-Tub cost us $1,842.  Why wouldn't anyone get the Ambassador Program, we even put in new flooring, a complete tile surround, updated vanity and paint.

At 80 I love taking bubble baths again,

and I don't have to worry about calling the fire department to get me out of the tub.  Oh yes, and we love you American Dream.

Jan and Bruce Penfield

Our New-to-Us Home.

At firsrt we thought, Oh come on, this sounds to good to be true.  These were our first thoughts, but they were quickly turned into BIG savings!  The very first thing we looked at was countertops and backsplash for our kitchen - savings over $2,300.  2,250sf of flooring, we went from $4.60sf @ $10,350 to $1.69 @ $3,802.50 - savings $6,547.50 THATS CRAZY! And, we are not done, we are now going to be painting the inside and outside of the house and our savings on paint is $3,012.87.  Now thats crazy too.  We could have only done part of the kitchen remodel not all the floors, plus inside and outside painting, and new bathroom vanities, ceiling fans and all our outlets and switch plates.  This is crazy - yes - CRAZY GREAT!!!! Thanks to our REALTOR who gave us the Ambassador Program as a gift, and the American Dream support staff who suggested we get a Renovation Loan to purchase our home. American Dream Programs, we call it a gift from above.

Anthony and Nichol Jackson

We now have a dog and are new homeowners of a 2,080sf "REAL" fixer-upper, with a BIG back yard! With the help of family and the 2 of us, we are renovating our home, and thanks to our folks, who told us about the American Dream Programs, we are literally saving thousands. I know this sounds impossible, but it is true. When I went into the paint store and selected my paint I was shocked that 1 gallon was $60, and I was ecstatic when I saw my price per gallon ended up at $29.63, especially given we purchased 16 gallons the first time, and another 13 gallons later. This savings alone of $880.73 made us look at every vendor in the program. We had found flooring we thought we wanted @ $4.12sf  ($8,569.60), through the program we got a better quality flooring for $1.69sf ($3,515.20), a savings of $5,054.40. Kiitchen cabinets, a savings of $2,000, and there is more. With these savings we took our folks out to a nice dinner for telling us about the American Dream Programs - we are getting our Dream Home - we too want to say, Thanks American Dream!

Ryan & Annie Lewis